Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Ethoxylate

Functions - Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Ethoxylates are biodegradable nonionic surfactants composed of ethylene oxide adduct of Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol. Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Ethoxylates vary in physical appearance, from clear or slightly hazy, colorless liquids to white solids, depending upon the level of ethoxylation. In general, with increase in the ethylene oxide chain attached to the Lauryl Alcohol hydrophobe increases the HLB value (water solubility), pour point, cloud point, density, viscosity, and flash point of the ethoxylate. 

Application - Lauryl MyristylAlcohol Ethoxylates can be used “as is” in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Emulsifiers & Wetting Agents
  • Industrial and institutional cleaners
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Textile and leather processing
  • Metalworking systems


Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Ethoxylates can also be used in ether sulfates and ether carboxylates, Cosmetics as well as other industrial and agricultural applications.

Packing & Shipment -We can offer packing from our Principal as per International Standards in Container Loads or as per custom buyer's requirement.