Refined Glycerine 99.5%

Functions - Refined Glycerine 99.5% functions as Humecting,Perfuming & Solvency Agents

Applications - Used in pharmaceuticals, personal care product, toiletries and cosmetics as solvents and humectants; Food additives; Animal feed; As humidifiers and plasticizers for tobacco; Used in adhesives, agricultural chemicals, antifreeze, coatings, manufacture of electrolytes for electrolytic condensers, fuel, inks; Used as plasticizers and lubricants for plastics and in manufacturing of paper; As conditioning agents in textiles; As a raw material in production of epichlorohydrin, propylene glycol, polyurethane foams, nitroglycerine, alkyd resins for paints etc.

Packing & Shipment -We can offer packing from our Principal as per International Standards in Bulk, Container Loads or as per custom buyer's requirement.